Our Top 6 Predictions for Social Media in 2017


Our Top 6 Predictions for Social Media in 2017

   Dec 28 2016    by Alexandra Kalinowski    (0)   Comments


Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017. Here’s what we predict this year will have in store…

  1. Plenty of Live Video

With Facebook having introduced their live stream and YouTube about to do the same, it ties in nicely to Instagram stories and Snapchat, which provide real-time experiences we all crave. For brands, this will be a great way to capture events, stage some creative content, use fun filters, forge a closer “human” connection to consumers, and collaborate with influencers. With an interest in history and distillation process increasing, this will be a key way for alcohol brands to bring their story into consumers’ homes.

  1. Expiring Content Will Create a Greater Urgency for Social

Snapchat started it, but Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp have begun borrowing features. Disappearing content creates a real sense of FOMO, and gives reason to follow brands savvy enough to humanise themselves by creating “behind-the-scenes” footage. It makes working with influencers ideal as they are able to do mini product reviews, co-promote competitions and cover events while maintaining themes and beautiful imagery on their public, yet personal feeds. Alcohol brands hosting pop-ups and collaborating with food influencers will make quite the splash.

  1. Direct Messaging Brands will become the Norm

Messaging apps are growing as more people forgo Trip Advisor & Yelp reviews for Facebook & Google reviews and complaints via Twitter. The connection between brand and consumer, or celebrity to fan, will become more immediate as conversations take place via Whatsapp or Facebook Messanger. We predict plenty of requests from so-called alcohol enthusiastic “influencers” to review a bottle.

  1. Personalisation will be Key

Bespoke experiences will skyrocket whether that be by generating tailored ads, working with relevant influencers, creating compelling storytelling or even adapting what kind of news is sent to your device. With Siri, Amazon Echo and Facebook Assistant on the rise, people giving verbal requests to their phone walking down the street will become the norm. Alexa, that’ll be an order for ‘Occupi Digital’ to be engraved on all of our alcohol bottles. Cheers.

  1. Brand Trust will rise

With the above tools effectively humanising brands when implemented correctly, brand loyalty and trust will rise. It will be important to maintain integrity as Facebook and Twitter crack down on fake news offenders, while brands will have to monitor news pieces and influencers more closely. Vodquila being the new best thing… yeah that will be crushed immediately.

  1. Virtual Reality will Gain Traction

Right now VR/AR isn’t something that’s been widely adopted given its practicality. With clunky headsets and apps that aren’t quite right, there’s a lot of improvement to be made, yet, there is a clear demand given the large Pokemon Go craze and virtual exhibitions popping up in cities. It’ll make headway in 2017, but we predict 2018 will be the year it really kicks off. With bated breath we await virtual alcohol…