Our Favourite Christmas Ads from Around the World


Our Favourite Christmas Ads from Around the World

   Nov 25 2016    by Tom Lee    (0)   Comments


Brace yourselves. At the time of writing there is exactly a month until Christmas. Buster is only just getting familiar with your TV screens and you’ve barely got to know Mrs Claus. The chances are you will be getting seriously bored of them by the time the 25th rolls around. Here is our pick of the ads you won’t get bored of a) because most of them are old and won’t be on TV, and b) because they are all from foreign climes.


Argentina: Santa on the toilet

On the slightly more surreal side, this ad for fashion retailer C&A in Argentina shows a jolly Santa sitting on the toilet, until he realises Mrs Claus forgot to pick up some loo roll. The only paper around is pile of letters written to him by children. Luckily it cuts there. Don’t show it to the kids.

It’s funny and surprising. It may not be quite as sweet as Buster the Boxer, but it’s easy to imagine it going viral if it was released today. We can see the Trump parody already.


Australia: Aldi

If you meet an Aussie over the next few weeks, we would wager that conversation will go one way: It’s warm at Christmas time over there.

This ad from this year sees an Australian family invaded by a group of bright-toothed Americans who refuse to accept or understand that Christmas isn’t cold. In the end, the sunshine, BBQs and shrimp win them over. In a time where many Americans are considering life outside of The States, perhaps this could be the thing that leads them down under.


Switzerland: iFolor

Swiss photography company iFolor yank at the heart strings with the story of a dementia patient who remembers his first dance with his wife again after being given the gift of a photo album. Old people or animals are clearly a sure fire way to make us blub as Christmas, and iFolor get bonus points for making their product the hero of the story.

Germany: Edeka

One that many have said is in poor taste. Released last year but going viral again in the last few weeks, this advert for German supermarket Edeka shows an elderly man (played by Arthur Nightingale who you may recognise from Tinker Tailor Solider Spy and Derek) fake his own death in order to bring his family closer together. Manipulative. Perhaps that’s why they don’t visit, Grandpa.


Japan: KFC

Christmas may not be a national holiday in Japan, but that hasn’t stopped one brand putting the keys in the bandwagon. Ever since a 1974 campaign by KFC, it has become tradition to share festive fried chicken with your family, whatever your religion. They even sell a full Christmas dinner including wine and champagne. The original 1974 clip isn’t available online, but the one below gives you the idea. Very subtle. It’s our favourite because of the effect it has had. How many ads can claim to have created a tradition? Apart from the John Lewis Christmas one that started the mid-November premieres a few years go.