Beat Facebook’s Algorithm With This Simple Hack


Beat Facebook’s Algorithm With This Simple Hack

   Dec 12 2017    by Ryan Fuller    (0)   Comments

Recent Facebook tests in “smaller” eastern European markets should have every brand re-evaluating their relationship with the network. In case you missed it, they tested completely excluding organic posts in user’s timeline. With only sponsored posts appearing. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The number one complaint from users is that page posts are too intrusive. But until users can find a way of swelling Facebook’s coffers to the tune of $9.8 billion (projected earnings for Q3 2017), then they’ll keep finding a way to “balance” out what users want while squeezing money out of companies that use it.

In short, your organic reach could be toast.

Using Facebook as our example, the only free way of using it in a meaningful way will be to offer instant customer service. You may have already noticed when visiting company pages that a messenger tab opens automatically, currently on desktop only. We’re in the middle of a split of social media from a purely marketing function to one that’s shared with customer service. And it means you need to revaluate your strategy accordingly. The brands that regularly interact with their fans will be the pages least affected. It’s never been more important to know your audience.

So how can you still get value from your digital efforts?

You don’t have to be first-mover to reap the benefits. You just have to be flexible. And the focus should be on building an engaged audience. The number of followers, is essentially meaningless if none interact with you. Then you’re not providing value to them.

Instead ask how you can enrich and entertain instead of following a playbook of pushing the same messages. Consumers’ needs have never changed faster but you don’t need a bottomless budget to reach them in the right places. You just need to be smarter with your targeting. Or find someone who can do the hard work for you. It’s still possible to reach a large number of users organically, several of the accounts we look after regularly reach 10x social audience organically. How? Well we can’t give everything away but speak to us today and see how quickly you’ll get results.

Questions to ask of your current strategy

How prepared are you for changes in algorithms? No one method of reaching customers should be relied upon solely. You shouldn’t just rely on producing different types of content but making sure you’re delivering them in different ways. And make sure you’re collecting data. Using data smartly is how you’ll insulate your brand against any major changes from social networks. And with GDPR incoming, you’ll need to make sure you’re collecting it in a way that satisfies the regulations. It’s never too late to adapt but recognise that in order to get value from your social media efforts what the networks want, they’ll get.

Still not sure what to do? Speak to one of our team.